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July 19, 2011

wedding plans and pins

Just the other day I realized it is completely legal to doodle my first name with Dan’s last name – it’s not some silly schoolgirl crush activity since I MUST have a beautiful signature! So I spent about five minutes doodling my soon-to-be full name and I just might have it down!

Wedding planning has commenced – and in full force! We’ve picked a venue, set a date {May 5, 2012!} and picked a theme {shabby chic picnic}. My mother said “shabby chic” is too trendy, so she’s calling it French garden picnic but, whatever. We also have colors chosen {dusty/aqua blue, apricot, brown, cream and maybe a sage green, if I can convince Dan}.

Here’s our venue – we’re already on the calendar for next May!

The Historic Streetcar Station in Como Park

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