May 9, 2011

a few more twigs

We are continuing to build and personalize our next. Following the painting of our walls, we decided the living room would look best with white trim instead of wood trim. With the walls brown and blue, the wood trim made the room feel very dark at night. But with white trim, the entire room lights up – and it looks really sharp. Pictures will come soon, when we paint the door – completing one entire wall. I can’t wait! We are focusing on completing one room before moving on to the next, so Dan plans to paint trim tomorrow.

I think I’ve decided on a theme for the bedroom. Originally we were having issues deciding on the right purple/maroon hue for an accent wall, so I am doing away with this idea. Instead, I would love to have light gray walls and bring the color in through bedding and accents. Here is a picture I found (with beautiful bedding) that will help me visualize:

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May 2, 2011

our flight to washington

Pictures from our trip to Washington are up on Flickr! Make sure to check them out – you can find a link on the right column. While you’re there, stop by Dan’s Flickr: search for Dan Sheldon Photography or follow the link in the footer. Enjoy!

May 1, 2011

customizing our nest

Dan and I have kicked it into high gear and are building our nest. Saturday we (Dan) got motivated and (Dan) painted the accent wall in our living room and kitchen. It turned out a nice, rich brown (after a scuffle about the shade).

My man at work

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April 21, 2011

wedding fever? not what you think

Lately I’ve been thinking I really enjoy the wedding industry. I’ve spent some time (usually while bored at work) surfing through various wedding inspiration sites. At first it was because I was day dreaming about my own wedding and what I would eventually like to do (and I have sent myself a few links to return to when the time is right), but I’m realizing more and more that I just enjoy seeing what others come up with for their special day. Continue reading

April 20, 2011

are we still friends?

I’m in a difficult place. I’m the only one of my friends in this stage of a relationship. A handful are married, a few are pregnant, and the rest are supremely single. As in, go-out-on-the-town, party-it-up and pick-up-guys, single. I’m so far past that stage, it makes me feel old. On a Friday night I would rather enjoy a nice, calm dinner with Dan or hang out with Noah. But most of my friends don’t seem to get it, which makes things very difficult. Continue reading

April 5, 2011

finding room in the budget for each other

Yesterday Dan and I sat down and really examined our finances. Combining resources, bills and expenses is difficult, but a big step in our relationship. For months we’d been talking about really itemizing all of our bills – separate and joint – to see where we stand. Last night we finally followed through, and it was a little bit of a shock. Continue reading

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April 1, 2011

the dude

I love it when Dan shows his dude side. Sometimes he can be very metro (a term he calls himself), and it’s fun when he wants to look through my fashion magazines for the photography and will even weigh in on my outfits. But then there are those times when he pulls out The Dude. Continue reading

March 31, 2011

checking in

We got back from vacation in Washington on Tuesday night and are still recovering. We had such a blast! It’s making it difficult to get back into real life. However, I anticipate a move to the Pacific Northwest in our future. More details soon to come, but I just wanted to check in.

March 22, 2011

i’m leaving, on a jet plane!

We’re headed to Seattle tomorrow, and I can’t wait!

Dan and I are visiting a friend in Bremerton who is 8 months pregnant and looking for companionship. Her husband is in the Navy and training on a submarine just outside of Hawaii. I can’t imagine going through nearly an entire pregnancy without your husband. Sounds miserable. I truly admire wives of the Armed Forces. I can’t stand going a day without Dan (I know, too mushy….but true!). When I traveled for work I was completely miserable on the road without him.

So Dan and I are going to visit Rachel. She’s super crafty and super homemakery, so I’m going to get quite an education. Plus, she models and has worked with Dan in the past, so he will be taking pregnant mommy pictures of her – and I get to play creative director! I love that role. Dan and I make a pretty good team.

But vacation… I’m sitting at work, waiting for productivity to kick in. I’ve had just enough coffee to want to do something, but can only think of the things I need to do at home (laundry, take out the garbage/recycling, pick up crickets for the newts, charge the camera, wax, pack….). On top of that, Dan works a double shift today, so I’m on my own until 8 p.m. Ugh.

Well, back to “work” (also known as perusing the Internet).

March 21, 2011


I think I will make a great housewife yet. Just the other day I was home for lunch (I’m lucky enough to work five minutes from home), and in the span of an hour and 15 minutes I made myself food, cleaned the bathroom, picked up the living room, played with the dog and had a few minutes to catch up on the April issue of Real Simple. I felt so accomplished! I wanted to stay home from work to complete more housewifey tasks – such as laundry! That was a first.

Had you known me just five years ago, you would have thought I was a different person. I was explaining to a college friend over happy hour that in one week I attended a Tupperware party and hosted a Pampered Chef party – willingly. He could not believe it.

No more am I domestically challenged!