wedding update – a dress!

I bought a dress! On our first dress shopping adventure, my mother, Dan’s mother, my sister (also the Maid of Honor) and my friend Nicole (a bridesmaid) headed for a cute little boutique, Flutter, just to look.

(Read more for a sneak preview of the dress!)

As it turns out I found a great dress that was on a sample sale – $1,100 dress for $199! There are some changes I need to make to the dress to make it what I want for the big day, but that’s a great start!

Check it out:

The wedding gown - before my desired changes...

We also tried on some bridesmaid dresses, but will have to go back for another look. I found a two-tone dress I love, but it costs $250 – quite a lot for a bridesmaid dress! Not to mention, more than the wedding gown.

I had to sit on the dress just for a day to make sure it’s what I want. I don’t like to rush into these important decisions – but come Sunday I just couldn’t wait to go pick it up. So Dan, Noah and I trekked to Uptown for the dress. Dan wants to be very involved in everything – including the dress decision. While he approved, I told him he isn’t allowed to see me in the dress – just pictures or it on the hanger.

Next step: Check with a designer friend to see if she can do the changes I’d like.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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