wedding plans and pins

Just the other day I realized it is completely legal to doodle my first name with Dan’s last name – it’s not some silly schoolgirl crush activity since I MUST have a beautiful signature! So I spent about five minutes doodling my soon-to-be full name and I just might have it down!

Wedding planning has commenced – and in full force! We’ve picked a venue, set a date {May 5, 2012!} and picked a theme {shabby chic picnic}. My mother said “shabby chic” is too trendy, so she’s calling it French garden picnic but, whatever. We also have colors chosen {dusty/aqua blue, apricot, brown, cream and maybe a sage green, if I can convince Dan}.

Here’s our venue – we’re already on the calendar for next May!

The Historic Streetcar Station in Como Park

And another view:

Approach to Historic Streetcar Station in Como Park

Isn’t it just gorgeous? We plan to hold the ceremony on the stairs, with our attendants cascading down to the grass. Guests will be seated on picnic blankets (and chairs for those who need it). There is about 1/4 acre of green space where I want to do vintage games and picnics.

I had to calendar out all of our wedding to-dos so I could see what needs to happen when. I HIGHLY recommend doing this if you’re a visual person. The lists with all the things you need to do by what month just kept getting jumbled for me. Next on our to-do list, meet with caterers and florists to choose food and flowers. Fun!

It’s getting tricky to balance my mother and Dan’s mother with all the planning. They are both so crafty and creative – which is great – but they both want to be uber involved. Also great, since I can’t do it all myself, but I need to figure out who is doing what.

I will continue to post about wedding updates, and maybe even create a page for my inspiration. In the meantime, you should check out Pinterest – a digital pinboard site ideal for crafting, the creative, and the wedding planners. You can find my pinboards (about my wedding plans, but also yummy recipes, garden inspiration, home decor, fashion, fun stuff and photo ideas for Dan).


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