there’s a ring!

It has been almost a month since my last post, and for this I apologize! Our world has been chirping with the talk of …. duh duh duh dah! wedding details!

Dan proposed two weeks ago today, and our life has been aflutter with congratulations and planning details. We viewed a venue Tuesday and hope to book it on Monday. We have talked to most of our groomsmen and half of our bridesmaids, so the ball is rolling!

Check out the ring he designed:

The ring!

The ring!

Now for the engagement details:

Two weeks ago was a Noah weekend, so we wanted to walk around town a little bit and explore some wooded areas. We usually try to do something fun when Noah’s in town. So we went to Como Park, where I have wanted to explore for weeks. The park is huge and gorgeous – so I wanted to walk along the paths that I haven’t yet. We wandered for about an hour, and I could tell something was on Dan’s mind (bear in mind I knew he was expecting the ring to be finished by the designer in mid-June).

Dan said later that no where in Como Park felt right because there were too many people around. So he suggested we head out to Marine-on-St.-Croix, a small town on the St. Croix between Wisconsin and Minnesota. We stopped at a mom-and-pop ice cream shop before heading down to the water. Once there, we hiked up a little path (with Chester in tow! You should have seen the little guy!) to a scenic overlook. At that point, Dan gave Noah the signal (which meant “scram!”) and he asked me to marry him and the whole family. I couldn’t stop crying for 20 minutes! It was so sweet, I just couldn’t believe it was really – finally – happening!

So we’re engaged. And I’m knee-deep in planning. Anticipate updates and details to come throughout the next year!


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