catching up and missing pieces

It’s been two weeks since I have written, but that’s because we have had quite a few weeks!

First of all, Dan and his father built our deck! We have patio furniture, solar lighting and newly transplanted lillies. Check back for further details and pictures soon (they’re in the editing phase right now).

Now for the big news: Dan had an emergency appendectomy last Saturday! He experienced pain for about a week, but we didn’t know what it was. At first we thought he was having severe muscle pains (due to the recent deck raising), then we thought it was the flu. Turns out, he had an angry appendix.

When we arrived at the emergency room, the CT scan showed a lot of inflammation in the area, so they prepped him for surgery and wheeled him away. As it turns out, his appendix burst by the time they started surgery, so what is normally a one-hour surgery turned into a two-and-a-half-hour surgery. As the nurses were trying to wake Dan up, he had bronchospasms so they had to intubate him a second time. He stayed two nights in the hospital while they monitored his progress (making sure further complications did not develop) and pumped him full of antibiotics. I was finally able to bring Dan home on Monday, but he hasn’t moved much from the couch all week. Luckily it was laparoscopy and I didn’t have to pack a wound for the last seven days.

On top of everything, we had Noah this past weekend. The little guy was such a trooper – he was so brave during the routine “risks of surgery” conversation, he kept himself busy as we waited for three hours from pre-op to surgery outcomes, and he hung in there until 3 in the morning when I decided we needed to head home. Noah had some concerns and was nervous for his dad, but we made sure all of his questions were answered. He’s such a great kid!

And now, a treat:

three incisions to remove one burst appendix

I’m so proud of how these incisions have healed! Can you find all three? There is one vertically out of his belly button, one amidst bruising (we think that is where most of the work was done) and one horizontally just above his pants. Now, if only his insides felt as good as these incisions look after just one week.

Best wishes on a speedy recovery, babe!

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