a few more twigs

We are continuing to build and personalize our next. Following the painting of our walls, we decided the living room would look best with white trim instead of wood trim. With the walls brown and blue, the wood trim made the room feel very dark at night. But with white trim, the entire room lights up – and it looks really sharp. Pictures will come soon, when we paint the door – completing one entire wall. I can’t wait! We are focusing on completing one room before moving on to the next, so Dan plans to paint trim tomorrow.

I think I’ve decided on a theme for the bedroom. Originally we were having issues deciding on the right purple/maroon hue for an accent wall, so I am doing away with this idea. Instead, I would love to have light gray walls and bring the color in through bedding and accents. Here is a picture I found (with beautiful bedding) that will help me visualize:

Sakura bed linens at Crate & Barrel

The wall color is so close to what I’m thinking, too! I love how relaxed this feels, but also has a romantic touch. I’m working to balance romance in the bedroom with something Dan will appreciate. Being an artist, he has strong opinions on design within the house. Sometimes we butt heads, sometimes we agree (like on the white trim!). I hope this is something we’ll agree on (Dan hasn’t seen it yet…).

This weekend we hope to build the deck. Well, Dan and his dad hope to build the deck. I will either work on gardening and yard work or visit an antique furniture shop with Dan’s mom. Hopefully it’s productive the weather cooperates!


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