customizing our nest

Dan and I have kicked it into high gear and are building our nest. Saturday we (Dan) got motivated and (Dan) painted the accent wall in our living room and kitchen. It turned out a nice, rich brown (after a scuffle about the shade).

My man at work

Then on Monday, he got home and decided we should paint the rest of the living room. So we trekked out to Menards and got a gallon of a really pretty blue. The accents will be white – the crown molding is already painted so we will need to do the window frames and floor boards.

Our new living room walls!

The remaining three walls in the kitchen will be sage green, an accent color I want to bring in to the living room through art, glass and pillows. However, we are stuck with a red couch for the time being. It works, especially with Dan’s cityscape on the wall, but eventually we’d like to get a dark brown couch and additional seating.

Tomorrow (hopefully) Dan and his father will build our deck. Then it’s my job to transplant our tiger lilies and work on the garden. I can’t wait until our nest is complete!


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