wedding fever? not what you think

Lately I’ve been thinking I really enjoy the wedding industry. I’ve spent some time (usually while bored at work) surfing through various wedding inspiration sites. At first it was because I was day dreaming about my own wedding and what I would eventually like to do (and I have sent myself a few links to return to when the time is right), but I’m realizing more and more that I just enjoy seeing what others come up with for their special day.

Since Dan is a photographer – and wants to become more involved with the wedding industry – I’ve been exposed to a lot of wedding stuff over the last year. We also know makeup artists, stylists, graphic designers that do wedding invites…. the list is endless. I’m convinced that one day I can open a one-stop-shop for all things wedding – and ideally in the quaint little fishing town of Kingston, Washington. But more about Kingston later.

For my side of the business, I would like to do the planning. I thrive on details and am very meticulous. Therefor, I would be great at planning out the flow of the day, making sure all vendors are doing their job, helping the happy couple make decisions and finding connections to great local vendors. Is this turning into an ad? :0)

My oldest friend is getting married this June, and I’m a bridesmaid (my first time being directly involved in a wedding). I’m absolutely loving all the help I can give – even if it is four hours away (she lives in Madison, I’m in the Twin Cities). From trying on dresses to picking out invitations to creating the centerpieces – everything is SO MUCH FUN!

In the meantime, until I can truly pursue this relatively new dream, I will keep doing research. Thus, all my readers will benefit!

Here is my favorite wedding inspiration site so far:  I can get so carried away following the suggested wedding links at the bottom. Plus, the photography is so inspirational. It’s so fun to see how each photographer captures the little details and special moments of one couples memorable day. I also love how artsy and hands-on many couples are with their weddings. Having that homemade feel adds a comfort and familiarity to all the weddings featured on this site.

Is anyone else taking notes or emailing themselves links from Green Wedding Shoes??? :0)


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