finding room in the budget for each other

Yesterday Dan and I sat down and really examined our finances. Combining resources, bills and expenses is difficult, but a big step in our relationship. For months we’d been talking about really itemizing all of our bills – separate and joint – to see where we stand. Last night we finally followed through, and it was a little bit of a shock.

However, it’s nice to have a beau that feels the same way I do about spending. We have to reign each other in from time to time (I really like to go out to eat, while he likes to purchase new media), but we’re in this together and I really do believe that.

About a month ago we also opened joint checking/savings accounts. That was a big commitment step for me – one I didn’t realize I was nervous about until we were sitting down in front of the banker going through the steps. We have yet to switch our paycheck deposits to the joint account and set up bill pay, but I think that will take a little bit for both of us. Just opening the accounts was a good step in the right direction.

It’s really exciting to be part of a relationship where the man is as committed as I am. Usually by this time (a year into a relationship) I would have a wandering eye, imagining myself dating other people and what my life would be like with that other person. That hasn’t happened at all with Dan. All I want to do is plan my life with him, and he wants to do the same thing. Just yesterday he suggested we look at paint samples Sunday to decorate our house. It’s quite refreshing to not be the one to move the relationship along, all by myself.

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