the dude

I love it when Dan shows his dude side. Sometimes he can be very metro (a term he calls himself), and it’s fun when he wants to look through my fashion magazines for the photography and will even weigh in on my outfits. But then there are those times when he pulls out The Dude.

Yesterday was the start of baseball season, which means the TV is constantly tuned to a baseball game – usually the Twins, if they’re playing – and Dan is perpetually checking his Blackberry for sports scores. Well, late yesterday afternoon Dan realized only a handful of games would be broadcast on local channels and he’d have to pay $20/month to stream games on So he calls me at work to sheepishly ask if we can get cable, again.

We went through our normal relationship discussion: I don’t think we need anything as immediately as he does, but he gets all excited and wants to do something right away. So we talk about the necessity and should we afford it, blah, blah, blah. We settle on placating the situation by watching the Twins opener at his parents’ house and figuring out the best solution after that.

But when I come home he’s looking up cable deals online and has a plan for me to call in as a new customer to get the best deal. That didn’t happen.

9 p.m. rolls around and Dan is streaming some random baseball game, occupying both my Mac and the TV (so he can watch it on the big screen). I’m frustratedly sitting on the floor making buttons for work because he’s occupying two of our sources of entertainment. Dan then decides to call the cable company to see what deal we can get as a returning customer.

Two hours later, after much negotiation (we have three free months of HBO!), some monkeying with cable boxes, and a few more phone calls because we weren’t receiving all 100 channels, we have cable. Little does he know, I will secretly be watching my trashy celebrity reality shows when he works late at the studio. Oh, The Dude.


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