i’m leaving, on a jet plane!

We’re headed to Seattle tomorrow, and I can’t wait!

Dan and I are visiting a friend in Bremerton who is 8 months pregnant and looking for companionship. Her husband is in the Navy and training on a submarine just outside of Hawaii. I can’t imagine going through nearly an entire pregnancy without your husband. Sounds miserable. I truly admire wives of the Armed Forces. I can’t stand going a day without Dan (I know, too mushy….but true!). When I traveled for work I was completely miserable on the road without him.

So Dan and I are going to visit Rachel. She’s super crafty and super homemakery, so I’m going to get quite an education. Plus, she models and has worked with Dan in the past, so he will be taking pregnant mommy pictures of her – and I get to play creative director! I love that role. Dan and I make a pretty good team.

But vacation… I’m sitting at work, waiting for productivity to kick in. I’ve had just enough coffee to want to do something, but can only think of the things I need to do at home (laundry, take out the garbage/recycling, pick up crickets for the newts, charge the camera, wax, pack….). On top of that, Dan works a double shift today, so I’m on my own until 8 p.m. Ugh.

Well, back to “work” (also known as perusing the Internet).


One Comment to “i’m leaving, on a jet plane!”

  1. Awww…I’m crafty!!! =) Tanks! ::blush:::

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